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Kenya is known for its athletic success. It has dominated the Olympic and commonwealth games. While very proud of this, Kenya is by no means limited to just athletics. It has embraced most international sports e.g. football, cricketing, rugby and golf. Not to forget Safari Rally the toughest road race.


Sporting Traditions

Many cultures in Kenya use sports as a way of settling differences or rivalries. In Lamu, each new years day see rise to a dhow competition round the island. In Maulidi festivals the locals enjoy a different kind of sport. The annual donkey race. Each jockey has royal supporters. The western Kenya offers the bull vs bull fights. They lock horns and push one another across a line and out of a field.


International Events

Probably the best known is the Safari Rally which was first held in 1953 to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. It has been one of the toughest races attracting racers from all over the world. Today however, it has been replaced by the East African Safari, a recreation of the past. many other shorter rallies are held through the year. Equally important is GolfTournament. This is held in Muthaiga Country Club. Perfect blues, perfect greens, tee off anywhere is Gods country.


Sporting Safari Options


Many hotels and guesthouses have been built with sport in mind eg Tennis, Squash, Swimming, golf etc. Horse racing is quite popular with most guests who visit the Ngong racecourse. For golfers, the country has 32 excellent 18-hole courses throughout the country. Many of the courses are safaris with excellent bird and game watching along the way. Among these are a few greater and lesser known sporting options:

  • Lewa Downs Marathon - raises money for wildlife annually.
  • Altitude training - Trainees/athletes stay at high altitudes camp to gain a winning edge.
  • Maralal Camel Cup - The most popular on deserts/dry lands of Kenya, which are on the northern spheres.

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