Specialized Safari

 When you plan a safari to Kenya, be sure to see what you want, when you want and how you want. Whether you are a keen bird watcher, have an interest in history, trains, and agriculture or have always dreamt of swimming with dolphins, this is the place for you. Take a specialist safari in Kenya. God's gift to mankind. Kenya is one of the world's best bird watching destinations. Kenya holds the record for the most birds seen in one country in one day. Over 380-recorded species in a single location is not unusual. What better way of learning from an older wiser way of life than take a cultural visit. It is possible to visit remote villages with the help of a local guide who will introduce you to these unique cultures. Alternatively, village and home stays can be arranged letting you become a part of t the local lives, customs and traditions.


Here are a few specialized dream safaris:

  • Dolphin watching -  this is mostly found on the southern coast.
  • Bird watching - a vast range of birds are found all over the country but mainly dominate the rainy forests.
  • Agro-tourism - Many guests are surprised by the small and large scale farming found in Kenya. Agriculture being the main source of revenue, many are interested in how our local produce is grown
  • Culinary Safaris - Many guests are surprised by the exotic and excellent quality of Kenyan cuisine. Discover the traditional cuisines, game meat and seafood as you go on a gourmet journey.

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