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Kenya is endowed with lush rainforest, endless rolling savannah, volcanoes, glaciers, lakes, geothermal springs, caves, coral reefs all with its boundaries. Kenya is a world of its own where you will easily find and see different landscapes in a single safari. Come and see for yourself. Kenya rises spectacularly at the edge of the Great Rift Valley with a series of Mountain ranges, wide lava flows and dormant or extinct volcanoes. Among the conspicuous features are the Aberdare ranges which have a deep salient forest and highland meadows. A series of magnificent waterfalls plunge down the face of the ranges. Mt. Kenya is Kenya�s highest mountain and the second highest in Africa. It�s covered with snow. (Equatorial snow). To the west of the Rift Valley are the highland plateaus which include the cherengani Tugen hills and the Kericho Tea zones which one would mistake for a green carpet. This wide range of altitudes gives Kenya a variety of climates from the warm coastal region to the cool Kenyan highlands and the freezing Mt. Kenya.


The Great Rift Valley


The Rift Valley bisects Kenya from North to South. In Kenya it has created a unique world of highland savannah, Laval flows, volcanic peaks, canyons, escarpments and lakes. Some of the breath-taking lakes found in the Rift Valley in Kenya are-:


Lake Nakuru

This is one of the most beautiful and spectacular place to visit. It is the home of thousands of flamingos that paint the lake pink. The lake is surrounded by forests and plains, which are a home to lions, buffalos, warthogs, gazelles, rhinos, leopards, monkeys and a large herd of waterbucks.


Lake Naivasha

This is a fresh water lake surrounded by geothermically active springs and geysers. Bird-lovers will find this lake and its environs to be a hilarious and fascinating place since this place attracts over 400 recorded species. Banks of papyrus and thick forests of beautiful yellow Acacia trees, with herds of buffalo, giraffe and Zebra edge Lake Naivasha.


Lake Baringo

This is a fresh water lake which is a home for Hippos and crocodiles A magnificent place to explore by boat with plenty of bird life to watch as the world goes by.


Lake Turkana

This Lake lies in the northern part of the country. The blue waters are a home to many crocodiles. In a nutshell, it behoves as to say that from North, south, east and west, Kenya is a world of endless variety and contrasts.

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