Cultural Safari

Kenya has over 40 cultures, countless languages and one of the most richly diverse social tapestries on earth Despite the numerous cultures we remain a peaceful nation with a strong sense of compassion for the world tour beautiful country. Meet the Swahili sailors of the coast, visit the pastrolist in their thorn-enclosed villages of the maasai in the south, walk in the beautiful farms where the majority of Kenyans spend most of their time or fish with the Luo master fisherman of Lake Victoria. Watch out on your cultural safari for the diversified cultures as diverse as Kenya itself.

Winds Of Change

The Swahili culture was derived from the Arabic Sahel for Coast. The Swahili culture thrives along the coast. Mombasa being an old town, you will be transported into the pages of the Arabian Nights. To the north there is Lamu, a town, which has remained, unchanged by the outside world. The residents move at a laid back pace. There are no cars and the main means of transport are the donkeys. Kenya remained a British colony until a determined struggle of freedom that saw the birth of an independent state born in 1963. To name just but a few of the cultural classics are:-

  • Nairobi National Museum Recording a natural/cultural history of Kenya.

  • Olorgesaille - An archaeological excavation site. Habitation of Homo erectus some 500,000 years ago.

  • Lake Turkana - Kenya's smallest tribe, the El molo live on the southern shores.

  • Maasai Land - Worlds best known tribal cultures. Spend some time with a tour guide and learn the importance of the rituals, customs and ceremonies in Maasai life.

  • Maulidi Festivals - Traditions being life to the laid back town of Lamu with song, dance, donkey and dhow racing.

  • Western Kenya - The Luhya and Luo festivals take place in December annually. E.g. Kakamega bullfights and Mugwena festivals in Nyanza.